Cryptocurrency Total Market Cap. Exclude Bitcoin (BULL GREEN)

Hello, my dear cryptocurrency lover... We love Bitcoin and trading cryptocurrency, it makes making money easy... with patience.

Ok, let's take a look at the chart and indicators for the total Cryptocurrency Market Cap. excluding Bitcoin. There are some interesting bullish signals to look at.

If you want to see our analysis for the total market cap. including Bitcoin , go here:
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Cryptocurrency Total Market Cap. Exclude Bitcoin - Weekly Chart Analysis

  • The first thing to look at is the blue trendline coming down from April 2018, I drew this one a few days back before the breakout... The thing is that this line is being broken. At the same time this breaks above MA200 (black line) and EMA10 (green).

  • So three major resistance taken out at once (downtrend line, EMA10 and MA200). This breakout is supported by increasing volume .

  • Trading volume has been increasing week after week for the past 5 weeks.

Let's take a look a the indicators

MACD (12, 26, close, 9):
  • The MACD is showing a clear bullish crossover and bullish divergence . The total market cap. for all the altcoins needs to reach EMA50 for this divergence to fully play out. So plenty of room left avaiable for growth. This is just getting started.
  • The histogram is clearly going in favor of the bulls now.

RSI (14, close):
  • The RSI is now in an uptrend and is at its highest since July 2018, that's quite the big change. A really strong signal especially considering that this is the weekly time frame we are looking at.

The weekly candle closes tomorrow, so we need to see a full green candle close for these signals to be fully confirmed.

As further bullish confirmation, a close above EMA200 (bold orange line) is required. Such close would signal massive strength, but even as it is looking now, the entire crypto-space is looking super bullish .

Load up on your favorite altcoins, because lots of profits will be made really soon.

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Good one to watch in these days. Thanks Alan. Namaste!!!!
I think it's all depending to ETH now.. Take a look!
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What a great analysis!
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alanmasters BFCMInvest
@BFCMInvest, Thanks.
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