Geopolitics and Russia. Good opportunity to make some money?

I usually try to avoid emerging markets, but this chart caught my attention. The last few months have been very difficult for the Russian market, and the news basically only helped to fall even further. However, I think that in 5-7 months or so, there is potential for pullback up to 1700-1900 (if no new sanctions are introduced). On the chart, we see an ascending channel with potential support at 1400-1500 (as well as the downtrend that has been going on since December). So I advise you to trade as carefully as possible, because it's not yet clear what trend will continue. The idea itself is risky, but I think the risk-to-profit is good enough to make a trade. I will buy futures on the RTS index , so the targets will be for RTS INDEX FUTURES (ticker: RI ). Buy @ 145000-150000, TP 170500-190000, SL 140500.
Operación activa: Got filled @ 150000 x5 contracts
Operación activa: Bought another 5 contracts @ 145000
Operación cerrada: precio stop alcanzado
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