How to draw trend line and support and resistance zones

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Pound Sterling it's have in short term a uptrend. Well, in this week England it's have a news that I hope that GPB is up the price. Now we have a consolidation zone and the expectative is up that all Forex investor and traders hoping.

Now, in this tutorial I want to show you How to learn to draw trend line and support and resistance zones, and always I share the past tutorial of How to draw support and resistance.

In this 2 screenshoot I show you How I may to draw the trend line, and also I mark a true poing of the GBP history price maximum. Ok when I go to draw the support and resistance zones, I always see the wick that leave the candle and so I draw and mark the wick and the candle body. And to draw the trend line, se nned to interconnect 2 points or more when is bear market or bullish market.

And also, we nned to cover all false signals that Forex markets it's give us and then we would make a better analysis.

So, guys, good bye and I hope to enjoy this little tutorial.

All screenshoot is below of this.
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