Change of Trend if 27 down vs 29 up (possibilities...) BTC - LTC

BITFINEX:ETCUSD   Ethereum Classic
This idea must be seen in relation with BTC and LTC since all this coins are moving in a very similar way, the reason i'm doing this análisis over ETC is because here the whale is very clear to be seen, in other coins due to adoption, fuds and hypes, plus adoption, acts as a fog that doesn't allow us to see what could be going on. BTC and LTC should be affected by this analysis.

The line touching the highest price on bearish trend, is crossing the line that comes from the two supports, tomorrow 28 March.
If today goes down the support line, it should continue to go down for a while, and until it doesn't cross the bearish trend line of the highest price, should not change trend.
If today it bounces on the support line and crosses the bearish trend line (this line of the highest price of the bearish trend), it should start the bull trend.

Anyway, one of the main thoughts on this, is "we should never put money we can't hodl, on anything that involves risk", crypto market is growing, is not like the value of a company that could die, adoption for cryptos is growing fast, if price doesn't allow us to see this, is because the prices were already pumped by big whales. Anyway we are near the real prices fro adoption, and with a market that grows fast and secure, with millions of people that will start using cryptos this year, all prices on fixed emission coins, like BTC, LTC, ETH and others, should grow by adoption, anyway you should get the notion of whales, to know when you are over the whale, and when you are on adoption trend, right now we are and all this big coins over a whale or over many whales, but very near the point where them started to play with us. This is why the long term is the only way to avoid the trap, and go out with benefits almost for sure in a 1 year span.

Hope everything goes right for those trapped.

Just an opinion, always take action at your own risk, this is not an investment advice.

Have a great end of the month!!!!
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