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Hi Everyone! Me name is Kate
I am trader with a big experience of stock market. I am publishing my ideas in Russian TradingView. You can check my status there. So I decided to perform on english platform. Like this video if u really like it. Subscribe my channel and tell me what stuff is more interesting for you apart of bitcoin . Thank u
Have a good one!


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Maybe it might take a whole year for it to happen though... (i.e. plunge to $3,500). The Big Boys like to keep things as they are because this is how they make their money: i.e. by keeping it in a range and not giving a clear direction as to where price is headed to... thus forcing the impatient to use more and more leverage.

Also: I'm sure new players and institutions are entering the market, surreptitiously. Maybe they'll PUMP her hard to $10-$11k first. It doesn't take much to PUMP Bitcoin.

These markets will get tougher, I think.

Big Boys don't care about buying low and selling high... not on grand scales (micro scales they do). Look at the Forex markets. The forex markets barely move because of all the liquidity... People make a big deal if something like USDGBP moves a few pips (and it's considered a huge rally if it moves up a few cents)... so the exchanges and institutions force the retailer to go into leverage.

Now the Bitmex CEO talks about the bear market lasting for 1.5 years... The CEO of a major exchange that offers 100x leverage. Everyone has an agenda when they speak. This market is FILLED WITH GREED. $$$

I bet you, Bitcoin stays in this range... I'm betting it's not going anywhere for a while; that's why I am buying now and every week. Too many small-cap coins that are giving reversal signals. There will be lots of PUMPS.

Look at BCash.. pumped almost 50% in a few days.

And if Bitcoin does go down... there will be new opportunities...

Besides, I'd rather make more Bitcoin than USD.

Remember that BTCUSD is just one pair. If you traded BTCBCH, you would have more Bitcoin... up 50%. BTCUSD market will just confuse us more and more as institutions start coming in. Look for other opportunities. Don't wait on BTCUSD hitting $3500... you will miss many opportunties.

And there are lots of reversal signals on many alts.

I appreciate the video though and posting finally on the US-en TV. Post more.

spokoinoi nochi
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Maybe $3,500 because BTC could make a move in three days, an important move! Triangle tip is the key word!

All the best!
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DO NOT look at the comments below this chart if you don't want 40-80% gains in alt coins next few weeks.
Thx Kate
@xpersion, 👍 Thanx
Do you just look at volume buying along horizontal price points for the main part. Do you look at other things? Such as the fact that we had a daily and monthly close on Oct 31 less than Oct 31 2017 and the 26 week moving average is below the 52 week moving average. I'm a big believer in Price Action showing the way, and I like longer term trends. If bulls do pull off a rally, will you stay on the sidelines?
CryptoTaoist CryptoTaoist
I also see you have diagonal support and resistance, I more meant the difference between lines and momentum factors.
@CryptoTaoist, But when u use price action strategy u also watch MA? And I am not pretty sure that there is a direct connection October 2017 and 2018. Prices changes. If I see bullish run so I will open long position
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