BINANCE-BYBIT Cross Chart: Spot-Perpetual Correlation

Name: "Binance-Bybit Cross Chart: Spot-Perpetual Correlation"

Category: Scalping, Trend Analysis

Timeframe: 1M, 5M, 30M, 1D (depending on the specific technique)

Technical analysis: This indicator facilitates a comparison between the price movements shown on the Binance spot chart and the Bybit perpetual chart, with the aim of discerning the correlation between the two charts and identifying the dominant market trends. It automatically generates the corresponding chart based on the ticker selected in the primary chart. When a Binance pair is selected in the main chart, the indicator replicates the Bybit perpetual chart for the same pair and timeframe, and vice versa, selecting the Bybit perpetual chart as the primary chart generates the Binance spot chart.

Suggested use: You can utilize this tool to conduct altcoin trading on Binance or Bybit, facilitating the comparison of price actions and real-time monitoring of trigger point sensitivity across both exchanges. We recommend prioritizing the Binance Spot chart in the main panel due to its typically longer historical data availability compared to Bybit.

The primary objective is to efficiently and automatically manage the following three aspects:
- Data history analysis for higher timeframes, leveraging the extensive historical data of the Binance spot market. Variations in indicators such as slow moving averages may arise due to differences in historical data between exchanges.
- Assessment of coin liquidity on both exchanges by observing candlestick consistency on smaller timeframes or the absence of gaps. In the crypto market, clean charts devoid of gaps indicate dominance and offer enhanced reliability.
- Identification of precise trigger point levels, including daily, previous day, or previous week highs and lows, which serve as sensitive areas for breakout or reversal operations.
All-Time High (ATH) and All-Time Low (ATL) levels may vary significantly across exchanges due to disparities in historical data series.

This tool empowers traders to make informed decisions by leveraging historical data, liquidity insights, and precise trigger point identification across Binance Spot and Bybit Perpetual market.


EMA length:
- EMA 1: Default 5, user configurable
- EMA 2: Default 10, user configurable
- EMA 3: Default 60, user configurable
- EMA 4: Default 223, user configurable
- Additional Average: Optional display of an additional average, such as a 20-period average.

Chart Elements:
- Session separator: Indicates the beginning of the current session (in blue)
- Background: Indicates an uptrend (60 > 223) with a green background and a downtrend (60 < 223) with a red background.

- EMA Daily: Shows daily averages on an intraday timeframe.
- EMA levels 1h - 30m: Shows the levels of the 1g-30m EMAs.
- EMA Levels Highest TF: Provides the option to select additional EMA levels from the major timeframes, customizable via the drop-down menu.
- "Hammer Detector: Marks hammers with a green triangle and inverted hammers with a red triangle on the chart
- "Azzeramento" signal on TF > 30m: Indicates a small candlestick on the EMA after a dump.
- "No Fomo" signal on TF < 30m: Indicates a hyperextended movement.

Trigger Points:
- Today's highs and lows: Shows the opening price of the day's candlestick, along with the day's highs and lows (high in purple, low in red, open in green).
- Yesterday's highs and lows: Displays the opening price of the daily candlestick, along with the previous day's highs and lows (high in yellow, low in red).

You can customize the colors in "Settings" > "Style".

It is best used with the Scalping The Bull indicator on the main panel.

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Thanks for your attention, happy to support the TradingView community.

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