Wyckoff Historical Volatility

Hi all this is a Historical volatility script that someone on youtube posted, his channel is Trade With Trend he is a very good trader, this script is mainly designed to work with the wyckoff method, im unsure if it works for any other trading style, this was designed mainly for swing trading if you do work with wyckoff method you should try it and check his video on his channel called: How To Use Wyckoff Trading Method For Price Action Trading - Swing Trading Strategies 🔥🔥

---i only compiled this--- for people that had no clue how to find it or how to do it just like i had a few hours ago i don't think anyone will use this but if you are searching for it feel free to use it.
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RyoujinHatake sarmientojs
@sarmientojs, is a tool to measure volatility or so it was described by the creator, i merely compiled it here. Volatility indicator I have posted is of Linda Bradford Raschke.