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- ema of 50 changes color if the price is above or below it
-ema of 10 yellow
-ema of 200 white
- Green triangles under the candles indicate new maxima compared to the previous 4 candles
-Red triangles indicate new minima with respect to the previous 4 candles
-the green and orange arrows of high altitude indicate Longs and Shorts for Intradia or Swing (recommended in temporalities from 1h to 4h), for more temporality should change the period for a greater one
-Alarms for:
- Green and red triangles like Break Out, Break Down
-Long ARROW green arrow
-Orange arrow SHORT ARROW
// NOTE: this Script is in Beta mode and next updates will be made
Notas de prensa:
- Added ema26 in order to get an idea of Senkou Span B from Ichimoku
Notas de prensa:
to understand why the emas that I have here are the following:
-ema10 in reference to Tenkan-sen of Ichimoku
-ema26 in reference to Kijun-sen of Ichimoku
-ema50 in reference to Senkou Span B of Ichimoku
Notas de prensa:
Rules 1h to 4h for Crypto:
- This script should be used as confirmation of an entry that the trader is preparing, since the signal can move 2 or 3 candles because it is calculating the chances of a rally in that area.
- The S and B are Stoch crosses in overbought and oversold
- The green and red triangles indicate new maximums and new minima of 4 candles back
- EMAS 10, 26, 50 refer to Ichimoku
Tenkan-sen (9) (10), Kijun-sen (26), Senkou Span B (52) (50)
- Supports and resistances calculated at 20 candles

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