Ricardo Script Ver. 1

* It is possible to create alarms with all the indicators

- ema10
- ema20
- ema50
- ema200
- Bollinger Bands
- Parabolic Sar
- Stochastic signal Overbought and Oversold
* Display the Rsi in the candles By green or red color, you can change the color from the panel, they will be highlighted in the candles above the RSI of 50 or you can activate it only when it is over bought and over sold in the range "70 and 30 "from the RSI

* Enables or disables the signs of purchase or sale of the Stochastic "RECOMMENDED FOR SCALPING WITH BOLLINGER BANDS"
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Hi can you help me with an easy indiator for Nifty Bank NSE Index, India, for intraday