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Hi all!

This script calculates and shows the volume profile for the range of a higher timeframe candle. It then shows support or resistance (/supply or demand) zones based on the volume profiles with the most volume. The defaults are just my preferred settings so feel free to play with them! Also feel free to let me know about bugs and features. I already have a list of features to make, e.g.:

  • base on pivots
  • more info zone calculations, e.g. breaks and retests, virgin point of control etc.
  • add alerts
  • get rid of getPriceLevels()
  • get rid of _barVolumeProfile prefix
  • handle realtime

Best of trading luck!
Notas de prensa:
- added index display for zones to be able to skip them
Notas de prensa:
- use top index for skip
Notas de prensa:
  • Added touch, retest, breakout and false breakout info
Notas de prensa:
  • Added scoring system (odd enhancers) to sort and show zones by
  • Be more generous for maximum touches and value area part in defaults
  • Change 'active' functionality (needs to be changed to be adaptive to new prices)
  • Added functionality to view a single volume profile, useful for past zones
Notas de prensa:
  • v
    Fix bug in '_interval' (the bar end time had to be larger than the interval end time)
Notas de prensa:
Major update and I changed a lot of things. The most important and wanted one is the addition of alerts.

  • add alerts
  • info labels are updated and shows info based on all profiles and score
  • change lookback to include last profile
  • possibility to change 'max_bars_back' for label and zones updates if an error about pine being unable to guess history buffer sizes
  • ...
Notas de prensa:
Hi all!

Here's an update with A LOT of changes. Not all will be listed, but I will try to list the most important once below.

  • Default settings are changed to match my trading with daily timeframe and volume profiles/zones per month 1 year back. Feel free to change them to suit you.
  • Volume profiles are now 'live' and will update automatically.
  • The last range will show a volume profile even if it's incomplete.
  • Alerts are only possible to set if 'Last range bar index' is set due to var/varip and unknown pine history error.
  • You can check 'Last range bar index from end' to let the indicator be active from the end, this is really useful when switching between securities and not having to figure out the bar index every time.
  • It is now possible to visualize the current active range
  • Alerts can be set for bull or bear direction (or both).
  • ...

Best of trading!
Notas de prensa:
Hi all!

This update changes nothing major but many minor things, e.g.:

  • Ability to show score rating and relation to higher and lower score
  • Removal of settings
  • The volume score is now only calculated on VA volume
  • Code clean up
  • Don't reset 'live' scores
  • Remove max touches option (zones can be skipped instead)

    Best of trading luck!
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