A very powerful tool for the trader who performs scalping of 5m, was tested in 500 operations, of which 455 were successful.

consists of making entries to the market in combination of the signal "B" and the blue bars, this is applying price action, cu enta with supports and dynamic resistances, the volume of the RSI price is based on the volume .

The best way to operate in 5m time, and checking the supports and making purchases when you have the B sign and the blue bars.

practice it and see its power.

Torres Dany
Dec 17
Notas de prensa: update 17/12/2018
Dec 17
Notas de prensa: update; 17/12/2018
Dec 21
Notas de prensa: New update so that Dany_ema_scalping4, generate a yellow B should be given three factors Rsi> 50, Vol> average and now the Estocatisco k> D. this increases the probabilities in your operation. Teines in your hands a powerful tool
Dec 22
Notas de prensa: price > ema 200
Dec 22
Notas de prensa: 22/12/2018
Dec 22
Notas de prensa: actualizacion
Dec 24
Notas de prensa: 24/12/2018
Dec 26
Notas de prensa: This new update brings 4 emas that you can adjust and remove to your liking
Dec 26
Notas de prensa: 26/12/2018
Jan 29
Notas de prensa: Green B inputs, presents a filter that makes them more reliable.
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You are showing a 1 minute HA chart. In the notes you state it is best to use a 5 Minute chart. Which is it? 1 minute or 5 minute...Candles or HA?

Is this a "Long Only" system/

well done , can u brief the importance of different ema with diff dynamic ...out of four which must be more realiable...forward your opinions
+3 Responder
What is the difference between Black B / Green B / Yellow B ?
+6 Responder
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