PDHL levels with INTRADAY Auto FIB

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The present script includes Previous day High/low levels and once the PDH or PDL breaks the present bar's background changes color according to the direction of price breakout.
It's helpful when working on lower timeframe charts with small screen space, so that the user can know that the PDHL has been taken out in one glance at the chart instead of scrolling all around to find out whether the PDH or PDL are broken or not.
The high and low of day before yesterday are also plotted for reference.

The intraday fib levels get drawn taking present day's high and low into account, useful to mark support/retest levels.
The color of the intraday AUTO FIB high and low lines also change from gray to respective assigned colors once the present day price crosses PDH or PDL this is helpful while viewing charts on mobile app.

Disclaimer: Only for studying price movement ideas, trading is not advised.
Notas de prensa:
Minor update in retracement level label.
Notas de prensa:
Fixed retracement labels.
Notas de prensa:
Visibility enhancements.
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Notas de prensa:
Visibility enhancements.
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Added VWAP
Notas de prensa:
Added "Day EMA" 20/50/200

--Dr. Vats
Notas de prensa:
20 DEMA is yellow circles/dots
50 DEMA is red step line
200 DEMA is green + + +
VWAP is plotted in fuchsia color

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