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The " BTC ETF Volume In/Outflows" indicator is designed to analyze and visualize the volume data of various Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) across different exchanges. This indicator helps traders and analysts observe the inflows and outflows of trading volume in a structured and comparative manner.

Multi-Ticker Support: The indicator is capable of handling volume data from multiple ETFs simultaneously, making it versatile for comparative analysis.
Volume Adjustments: Provides an option to view volume data either as the number of pieces (shares) traded or as monetary flow (value traded).
Compression Factor: Includes a volume compression factor setting that helps in emphasizing smaller volume changes or smoothing out volume spikes.

Data Calculation
Volume data is processed using a custom function that adjusts the data based on user settings for piece or monetary representation and applies a logarithmic compression factor.
This processed data is then fetched for each ticker.

Volume data is visualized on the chart using column plots where each ETF's volume data is stacked and offset to provide a clear visual representation of in/outflows. Horizontal lines indicate the zero level for reference.

Usage Scenario
This indicator is particularly useful for traders who track multiple ETFs and need to compare their volume activities simultaneously. It provides insights into market trends, potentially indicating bullish or bearish shifts based on volume inflows and outflows across different instruments.

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Deltamode was added on multiple request, so only the difference from buy and sell is shown, not all the volume
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Screenshot update with removed secondary indicator

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