Correlative volume sum CTE

Hello colleagues, How much importance do you give to the volume traded in the candles to support your investments? And if it is important, you analyze the volume of the candle in the assets or correlated pairs to be certain if it is a volume of only that broker or of several?
I would like to share and collaborate with a tool that can help to see the expanded volume , appending the accumulation of the volume traded from up to 3 brokers or exchanges.
I hope this tool is helpful and allows you to make your investments with greater security.
Many times we focus and analyze a single graph, discarding very relevant details present in the correlative graphs, such as the volume between them.
A good way to complement your strategy is to wait for a volume reaction in the historical volume candlestick zones.
I am happy to be part of this community and I hope that my presence in it will be of help, greetings to all.
Notas de prensa: Hello, add a function to be able to display only the relevant body candles, it clears the chart and helps to better differentiate the volume body in time and space
Notas de prensa: Hello everyone, the update disables the correlativities by default, leaving these as optional, for greater agility.
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