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💥The Auto Trailing Stop-Loss indicator is a technical indicator that uses the ATR (Average True Range) to calculate a trailing stop-loss for both long and short positions.

💥The signals according to the indicator allows traders to exit from the position before its too late! The indicator can be used to determine when to enter and exit trades.

💥To use the indicator, you simply need to set the input parameters to suit your trading style and risk tolerance. The default values for the parameters are:

p: The ATR period (14)
q: The stop period (20)
x: The multiplier used to calculate the initial high and initial low (1.5)


📈Calculates the ATR using the specified period you can modify ATR period according to your trading style.
📈Calculates the initial high and low stop levels based on the highest high and lowest low over the user defined ATR period.
📈Calculates short and long stoploss levels using the initial high and low stops.

💥Once you have set the input parameters according to your trading style whether you are a day trader or a swing trader, the indicator will plot the short stoploss, long stoploss, and stoploss hit signals on your chart.

💥You can use the indicator to enter and exit trades in a various ways.

For example,
🚀 you could enter a long trade when the price crosses above both red and green lines plotted on the chart. (or when price crosses over both short stoploss and long stoploss.) You could also use the indicator to secure your profits by moving your stop-loss up as the price moves in your favor.

Here is an example of how you could use the indicator to enter and exit trades:

🚀Enter a long trade when the price crosses above the red line or short stoploss.

✅keep Moving your stop-loss upward with the long stoploss or green line.

✅Exit the trade when the price crosses below the long stoploss or green line.

💥You can also use the indicator to protect your existing trades. For example, if you are already in a long trade, you could move your stop-loss up to the short stop when the price moves up 10%. This will help you to protect your profits in case the price starts to move against you.

💥💥some additional tips for using the Auto Trailing Stop-Loss indicator:

✅Use the indicator in conjunction with other technical indicators or your own trading strategy to generate entry and exit signals.

✅Backtest your trading strategy before using it live to make sure that it is profitable.

✅Use the indicator to protect your profits by moving your stop-loss up as the price moves in your favor.

✅ Always follow risk management rules and manage your position sizing according to your risk appetite.

✅ Be aware of the overall trend direction. If the trend is up, you should be looking for bullish reversals or continuations. If the trend is down, you should be looking for bearish reversals or continuations.

This script essentially provides a visual representation of a trading strategy that automatically adjusts stop-loss levels based on market volatility (ATR). It also includes signals for entering long or short positions and visually highlights these signals on the chart.

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