[STUDY]Kagi Emulator OCC & SL/TP V3

This is the script with alerts for the previous backtest.
Modify "reversal" according to the pair
It has take profit and stop loss too.
Thanks and Enjoy...
Notas de prensa: Fixed bug : Alerts triggered one candle later
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Great script? Is it possible to use it with another pairs?
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XaviZ genkir
@genkir, Only with
XaviZ XaviZ
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Hi Xaviz, thanks a lot for this script. I noticed the alerts of the STUDY version fire one bar later than the strategy tester ; they also paint differently (you can see it by overlaying the strategy tester and the indicator).
Would there be a fix for this problem ?
aStoicsTradingTools aStoicsTradingTools
@aStoicsTradingTools, Seems to be solved if I set alerts on "once per bar" instead of "once per bar close". Let's see how this goes :) !
Hi, many thanks for the script, it looks awesome :-)
How to set the alerts to get the same price for entry/exit long/short as in the strategy (once per bar, or bar close, or ...???)
Many thanks in advance...
Thanks for the script. Just 2 issues for me:
- on first run got message "invalid value for resolution in security function...", on closer look script seems to work with Weekly (5D) or Monthly (1M);
- there's a red text/label -with red arrow at current price and date/time- that is too small to read, even when zoom in. Would be nice if the number in the text is bigger (color code understandable enough without the "long" and "short" text).
Absolutely useless strategy that can be included in 10-15 strings. Don't waste your time on this.
It actually does repaint. Am i doing something wrong with the settings?
XaviZ greywolf254
@greywolf254, Strange... It's a very good script, open source, and free. Remember that STRATEGY script is only for backtest.

As repainting is understood that signals or arrows move all around when refreshing the chart like "Blue Sky script", and this is not the case of this STUDY script. Try this configuration for "reversal" for example:

On Binance. Period = 2h

BTC: USDT = 110
BCC: USDT = 15
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