AAT Strategy

This algorithm is prepared and designed by Alex Augusto considering the strategy he has been using the past 8 years within the markets.

It combines different strategies such as moving averagaes, oscillators, and momentum.

It allows you to select 3 diferent strategies within the main one, giving you more confidence and adding more power to the analysis.

It provides with buy and sell signals and even agressive entries.

It can be used for any financial product such as FOREX, stocks or crypocurrencies.

Notas de prensa: AA Trend strategy can be used with either lines or with a background.

Same for Golden strategy, it can be used with lines or with a background.

Buy and Sell alerts are now available.
Notas de prensa: Bar color trend adjusted according to trend conditions

Alerts updated
Notas de prensa: Script updated to new colors
Notas de prensa: Trend background added with different colors according to bullish,bearish or indecision momentum.
Notas de prensa: New update, there are confirmed signals matching AAT Momentum algorithm.
Notas de prensa: Supports and resistances added to the script.
Notas de prensa: New update release:

- The algorithm gives us signals where to enter and exit the market.

- Take Profit and Stop Loss alerts.
Notas de prensa: Take Profits and Stop Losses updated with no conflict between them.
Notas de prensa: Overbought and oversold indications in order to protect the trades.

Notas de prensa: Overbought and oversold indications updated with a different kind of signal.
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Muy buen algoritmo, junto al ATT Momentum recomendables para un buen trading
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