[AIO] Multi Collection Moving Averages 140 MA Types

All In One Multi Collection Moving Averages.
Since signing up 2 years ago, I have been collecting various Сollections.
I decided to get it into a decent shape and make it one of the biggest collections on TV, and maybe the entire internet.
And now I'm sharing my collection with you.

140 Different Types of Moving Averages are waiting for you.
Specifically :

 AARMA   | Adaptive Autonomous Recursive Moving Average                 
 ADMA    | Adjusted Moving Average                                      
 ADXMA   | Average Directional Moving Average                           
 ADXVMA  | Average Directional Volatility Moving Average                
 AHMA    | Ahrens Moving Average                                        
 ALF     | Ehler Adaptive Laguerre Filter                               
 ALMA    | Arnaud Legoux Moving Average                                 
 ALSMA   | Adaptive Least Squares                                       
 ALXMA   | Alexander Moving Average                                     
 AMA     | Adaptive Moving Average                                      
 ARI     | Unknown                                                      
 ARSI    | Adaptive RSI Moving Average                                  
 AUF     | Auto Filter                                                  
 AUTL    | Auto-Line                                                    
 BAMA    | Bryant Adaptive Moving Average                               
 BFMA    | Blackman Filter Moving Average                               
 CMA     | Corrected Moving Average                                     
 CORMA   | Correlation Moving Average                                   
 COVEMA  | Coefficient of Variation Weighted Exponential Moving Average 
 COVNA   | Coefficient of Variation Weighted Moving Average             
 CTI     | Coral Trend Indicator                                        
 DEC     | Ehlers Simple Decycler                                       
 DEMA    | Double EMA Moving Average                                    
 DEVS    | Ehlers - Deviation Scaled Moving Average                     
 DONEMA  | Donchian Extremum Moving Average                             
 DONMA   | Donchian Moving Average                                      
 DSEMA   | Double Smoothed Exponential Moving Average                   
 DSWF    | Damped Sine Wave Weighted Filter                             
 DWMA    | Double Weighted Moving Average                               
 E2PBF   | Ehlers 2-Pole Butterworth Filter                             
 E2SSF   | Ehlers 2-Pole Super Smoother Filter                          
 E3PBF   | Ehlers 3-Pole Butterworth Filter                             
 E3SSF   | Ehlers 3-Pole Super Smoother Filter                          
 EDMA    | Exponentially Deviating Moving Average (MZ EDMA)             
 EDSMA   | Ehlers Dynamic Smoothed Moving Average                       
 EEO     | Ehlers Modified Elliptic Filter Optimum                      
 EFRAMA  | Ehlers Modified Fractal Adaptive Moving Average              
 EHMA    | Exponential Hull Moving Average                              
 EIT     | Ehlers Instantaneous Trendline                               
 ELF     | Ehler Laguerre filter                                        
 EMA     | Exponential Moving Average                                   
 EMARSI  | EMARSI                                                       
 EPF     | Edge Preserving Filter                                       
 EPMA    | End Point Moving Average                                     
 EREA    | Ehlers Reverse Exponential Moving Average                    
 ESSF    | Ehlers Super Smoother Filter 2-pole                          
 ETMA    | Exponential Triangular Moving Average                        
 EVMA    | Elastic Volume Weighted Moving Average                       
 FAMA    | Following Adaptive Moving Average                            
 FEMA    | Fast Exponential Moving Average                              
 FIBWMA  | Fibonacci Weighted Moving Average                            
 FLSMA   | Fisher Least Squares Moving Average                          
 FRAMA   | Ehlers - Fractal Adaptive Moving Average                     
 FX      | Fibonacci X Level [Linear]                                   
 GAUS    | Ehlers - Gaussian Filter                                     
 GHL     | Gann High Low                                                
 GMA     | Gaussian Moving Average                                      
 GMMA    | Geometric Mean Moving Average                                
 HCF     | Hybrid Convolution Filter                                    
 HEMA    | Holt Exponential Moving Average                              
 HKAMA   | Hilbert based Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average                
 HMA     | Harmonic Moving Average                                      
 HSMA    | Hirashima Sugita Moving Average                              
 HULL    | Hull Moving Average                                          
 HULLT   | Hull Triple Moving Average                                   
 HWMA    | Henderson Weighted Moving Average                            
 IE2     | Early T3 by Tim Tilson                                       
 IIRF    | Infinite Impulse Response Filter                             
 ILRS    | Integral of Linear Regression Slope                          
 JMA     | Jurik Moving Average                                         
 KA      | Unknown                                                      
 KAMA    | Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average & [AAMA]Apirine Adaptive MA  
 KIJUN   | KIJUN                                                        
 KIJUN2  | Kijun v2                                                     
 LAG     | Ehlers - Laguerre Filter                                     
 LCLSMA  | 1LC-LSMA (1 line code lsma with 3 functions)                 
 LEMA    | Leader Exponential Moving Average                            
 LLMA    | Low-Lag Moving Average                                       
 LMA     | Leo Moving Average                                           
 LP      | Unknown                                                      
 LRL     | Linear Regression Line                                       
 LSMA    | Least Squares Moving Average / Linear Regression Curve       
 LTB     | Unknown                                                      
 LWMA    | Linear Weighted Moving Average                               
 MAMA    | MAMA - MESA Adaptive Moving Average                          
 MAVW    | Mavilim Weighted Moving Average                              
 MCGD    | McGinley Dynamic Moving Average                              
 MF      | Modular Filter                                               
 MID     | Median Moving Average / Percentile Nearest Rank              
 MNMA    | McNicholl Moving Average                                     
 MTMA    | Unknown                                                      
 MVSMA   | Minimum Variance SMA                                         
 NLMA    | Non-lag Moving Average                                       
 NWMA    | Dürschner 3rd Generation Moving Average (New WMA)            
 PKF     | Parametric Kalman Filter                                     
 PWMA    | Parabolic Weighted Moving Average                            
 QEMA    | Quadruple Exponential Moving Average                         
 QMA     | Quick Moving Average                                         
 REMA    | Regularized Exponential Moving Average                       
 REPMA   | Repulsion Moving Average                                     
 RGEMA   | Range Exponential Moving Average                             
 RMA     | Welles Wilders Smoothing Moving Average [RMA = SMMA = WWMA]  
 RMF     | Recursive Median Filter                                      
 RMTA    | Recursive Moving Trend Average                               
 RSMA    | Relative Strength Moving Average - based on RSI              
 RSRMA   | Right Sided Ricker MA                                        
 RWMA    | Regressively Weighted Moving Average                         
 SAMA    | Slope Adaptive Moving Average                                
 SFMA    | Smoother Filter Moving Average                               
 SMA     | Simple Moving Average                                        
 SSB     | Senkou Span B                                                
 SSF     | Ehlers - Super Smoother Filter P2                            
 SSMA    | Super Smooth Moving Average                                  
 STMA    | Unknown                                                      
 SWMA    | Self-Weighted Moving Average                                 
 SW_MA   | Sine-Weighted Moving Average                                 
 TEMA    | Triple Exponential Moving Average                            
 THMA    | Triple Exponential Hull Moving Average                       
 TL      | Unknown                                                      
 TMA     | Triangular Moving Average                                    
 TPBF    | Three-pole Ehlers Butterworth                                
 TRAMA   | Trend Regularity Adaptive Moving Average                     
 TSF     | True Strength Force                                          
 TT3     | Tilson (3rd Degree) Moving Average                           
 VAMA    | Volatility Adjusted Moving Average                           
 VAMAF   | Volume Adjusted Moving Average Function                      
 VAR     | Vector Autoregression Moving Average                         
 VBMA    | Variable Moving Average                                      
 VHMA    | Vertical Horizontal Moving Average                           
 VIDYA   | Variable Index Dynamic Average                               
 VMA     | Volume Moving Average                                        
 VSO     | Unknown                                                      
 VWMA    | Volume Weighted Moving Average                               
 WCD     | Unknown                                                      
 WMA     | Weighted Moving Average                                      
 XEMA    | Optimized Exponential Moving Average                         
 ZEMA    | Zero Lag Moving Average                                      
 ZLDEMA  | Zero-Lag Double Exponential Moving Average                   
 ZLEMA   | Ehlers - Zero Lag Exponential Moving Average                 
 ZLTEMA  | Zero-Lag Triple Exponential Moving Average                   
 ZSMA    | Zero-Lag Simple Moving Average                               

Don't forget that you can use any Moving Average not only for the chart but also for any of your indicators without affecting the code as in my example.
But remember that some MAs are not designed to work with anything other than a chart.

All MA and Code lists are sorted strictly alphabetically by short name (A-Z).
Each MA has its own number (ID) by which you can display the Moving Average you need.
Next to the ID selection there are tooltips with short names and their numbers. Use them.
The panel below will help you to read the Name of the selected MA.
Because of the size of the collection I think this is the optimal and most convenient use. Correct me if this is not the case.

Unknown - Some MAs I collected so long ago that I lost the full real name and couldn't find the authors. If you recognize them, please let me know.
I have deliberately simplified all MAs to input just Source and Length.
Because the collection is so large, it would be quite inconvenient and difficult to customize all MA functions (multipliers, offset, etc.).
If you need or like any MA you will still have to take it from my collection for your code.
I tried to leave the basic MA settings inside function in first strings.

I have tried to list most of the authors, but since the bulk of the collection was created a long time ago and was not intended for public publication I could not find all of them.
Some of the features were created from scratch or may have been slightly modified, so please be careful.
If you would like to improve this collection, please write to me in PM.

Also Credits, Likes, Awards, Loves and Thanks to :
    — 𝐀𝐧𝐝 𝐎𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐬 !
So just a Big Thank You to everyone who has ever and anywhere shared their codes.
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