5 Moving Averages

I don't sell indicators only strategies I use for dynamic support and resistance sometimes.
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@MuhammadRagab, Yes and Don't buy stuff and then ask for your money back 3 months later like this "nice, honest guy" did either
MuhammadRagab cryptotrader_
@cryptotrader_, 1st of all i didn't buy it was a trial
2nd i spoke with you back then 2 or 3 times but you didn't respond and when you responded you gave me link for your discord channel which you have blocked me from it cause i want my money
3rd it still my money i regain it whenever i want it's not yours cause i didn't benefit from you but lost of your repainting strategy which i discussed with you back
this guy is a thief and not honest don't buy his strategies nor as trial cause
1- he costs for trial 300$
2- i told him i don't do leverage i just want to try your strategy he didn't tell me that his "bitbull master strategy " was based on leverage
3- i didn't get any benefit from his startegy cause i trade altcoin with no leverage his strategy was just for bitcoin
4- when i speak with him to refund me my 300$ for trial he blocked me from his discord , i spoke with him on tv gave me link for discord but seems to be broken and he is not responding me
Avoid this guy
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