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Custom Candles /FVG/ nSideBar

- I used this as a learning project for understanding plot()'s Better

- My goal was to see if I could use normal plots to cleanly plot FVGs on the chart using only plots with out and boxes/lines
The problem was if multiple FVGs were on back to back bars the plot fill would fill the line to the next FVG/Bar
I solved this by using 4 plots and alternating them if consecutive FVGs form


- Slim
- Normal


Uses 3 plotcandle() parts and divides the candle between body/wicks/open and close
by manipulating the ohlc inputs and the colors I was able to pretty make them full customizable
all components are customizable with up/down colors

These are your normal candles but they are full customize able from components to individual up/down colors

- FVGs
There are 2 FVG settings can be used with both MODES

- Big
These are the FVGs that use plots and since there isn't a 500 object limit on plots you don't need to manage them in the code and they are there how ever far you need to look back

- Slim
These use a Line and the width of the line can be adjusted for user preferences


These will change the color of the body of either SLIM or NORMAL Candles

Drawing Snap Features Work Just Fine!

I suggest hiding your chart candles with the eye in the top left of the screen and moving the indicator to the top of your object tree

I understand that the candles in the chart pictures are impractical I was just demonstrating the functionality of the tool

Hope You Enjoy!!

Notas de prensa:
Added a Bigger INSIDE_Bar Option
Notas de prensa:
-I added a Price Line option so now you can have a
Solid-Dashed-Dotted-Arrow styles for the Price Line with a Price Label
that you can move along the X-axis and Price Line is full adjustable..

-I added a price line that you can make how ever you want

-I added added an option to change color of price line by tick

-Theres a couple of labels that will change direction with price aswell
and now there is a tooltip that has OHLC values just hover over the label

-Theres pictures on the chart of the indicator download page if you didn't
understand what settings exactly I'm referring too

Message me if you have any questions, or if there is a bug its hard to catch everything..
I understand this is over kill but after people liked it I figured id make it as customizable as possible

Shout out to @IRB for helping me Debug

Hope you enjoy!
💲💰 FFriZz 💰💲
Notas de prensa:
Updated Pics on chart didnt realize they were going to adjust from screen to screen

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