Laguerre RSI (Self Adjusting Alpha with Fractals Energy)

Laguerre RSI (Self Adjusting Alpha with Fractals Energy) indicator script. I adopted idea from https://www.prorealcode.com/prorealtime-... and

If you disable `Apply Fractals Energy` option, you will get the original Laguerre RSI .
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Notas de prensa:
  • Refactored
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Your work always is an inspiration :) kudos and keep sharing great work
+1 Responder
everget Ankit_1618
@Ankit_1618, thanks! I will)
Great work everget! It's good to have this indicator here in TV... Keep the good work sr...Thank you very much!
+1 Responder
Hi Sr., just quick query_ similar to the option of only showing the original Laguerre RSI, is it possible to plot only the Fractal Energy line??
Hi I cant seem to get this script to work on Tradestation, I keep getting Error (#30214)
Colon expected here in the descriptions tab after I hit the green tick to verified
everget azza50
@azza50, Hi, ask TV support
leodanrtg everget
@everget, Hi, how you can trade using this combination? I saw 2 videos in youtube but I want to know your opinion. thaks so much.
+2 Responder
everget leodanrtg
@leodanrtg, Hi, I dont rely on FE Alpha line because it is used inside of Laguerre RSI calculations and may lead to misunderstandings so I just use this modified LRSI and consider its signals as basic momentum signals.
leodanrtg everget
@everget, ok, I understood. the idea is use only LRSI modified when the dots signal appear? thanks for your support.
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