BL_MTF River Strategy with TP/SL by Beller

Anyone remember the "Frogger" game where a frog must pass a river ?

This strategy is like a game.

Immagine you that the cyan lines are a River, any time the price can cross up or down this river, you must buy or sell only when the bar are dry..

BUY at highest price of the first bar that is completely dry over the river
SELL at the lowest price of the first bar that is completely dry under the river

Stoploss is placed at the river bands, take profit is placed at 1:1 and 1:2 ratio, a risk money management must be applied.

This strategy can be used with multiple time frame , i'm testing it in 15min,180m and daily base applyed to EURJPY .

It's a game but can produce some money... ;-)
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//Created By Beller on 09-MAR-2015
study(title="BL_MTF River Strategy with TP/SL by Beller", shorttitle="BL_MTF River Strategy", overlay=true)
bblenght = input(55, minval=1, title="Bollinger Bars Lenght")
bbstdev = input(0.2, minval=0.2, title="Bollinger Bars Standard Deviation")

//Calculate BB 55 0.2
source = close
basis = sma(source, bblenght)
dev = bbstdev * stdev(source, bblenght)
upperBB = basis + dev
lowerBB = basis - dev
//is over the top?
isOverBBTop = low > upperBB ? true : false
isUnderBBBottom = high < lowerBB ? true : false
newisOverBBTop = isOverBBTop != isOverBBTop[1]
newisUnderBBBottom = isUnderBBBottom != isUnderBBBottom[1]
//receive high and low range
high_range = valuewhen(newisOverBBTop,high,0)
low_range = valuewhen(newisUnderBBBottom,low,0)

bblow = valuewhen(newisOverBBTop,(lowerBB/0.00005) *  0.00005,0)
bbhigh = valuewhen(newisUnderBBBottom,(((upperBB*1000)/5)+5) * 5/1000,0)

//take it only if over the BB limit
buy_limit_entry = isOverBBTop ? high_range==high_range[1] ? high_range+0.001: na : na
sell_limit_entry = isUnderBBBottom ? low_range==low_range[1] ? low_range-0.001: na : na

take_profit_buy=  isOverBBTop ? high_range==high_range[1] ? buy_limit_entry + buy_limit_entry-bblow : na : na 
take_profit_sell= isUnderBBBottom ? low_range==low_range[1] ? sell_limit_entry - (bbhigh-sell_limit_entry) : na : na

take_profit2_buy=  isOverBBTop ? high_range==high_range[1] ? buy_limit_entry + 2*(buy_limit_entry-bblow) : na : na 
take_profit2_sell= isUnderBBBottom ? low_range==low_range[1] ? sell_limit_entry - 2*(bbhigh-sell_limit_entry) : na : na

stop_loss_buy = isOverBBTop ? high_range==high_range[1] ? bblow : na : na 
stop_loss_sell = isUnderBBBottom ? low_range==low_range[1] ? bbhigh : na : na

highlightHigh = isOverBBTop ? lime : aqua
highlightLow  = isUnderBBBottom ? lime : aqua

colorLineUp = buy_limit_entry ? blue : blue
colorLineDown = sell_limit_entry ? red : red

colorBuyTP = close>=take_profit_buy ? lime : fuchsia
colorSellTP = close<=take_profit_sell ? lime : fuchsia
colorBuyTP2 = close>=take_profit2_buy ? lime : fuchsia
colorSellTP2 = close<=take_profit2_sell ? lime : fuchsia

barcolor((high >= lowerBB and low <= upperBB) ? aqua : na)
barcolor((high < sell_limit_entry and low > take_profit_sell) ? orange : na)
barcolor((low > buy_limit_entry and high < take_profit_buy) ? orange : na)
barcolor(high >= take_profit_buy and not(na(buy_limit_entry)==1) ? fuchsia : low <= take_profit_sell and not(na(sell_limit_entry)==1) ? fuchsia : na)

//plot Statements
bbup=plot(upperBB, title="BB Upper Band", style=linebr, linewidth=2, color=highlightHigh)
bbdo=plot(lowerBB, title="BB Bottom Band", style=linebr, linewidth=2, color=highlightLow)
plot( buy_limit_entry, title="Buy Entry", style=linebr, linewidth=2, color=colorLineUp, transp=80)
plot( sell_limit_entry, title="Short Entry", style=linebr, linewidth=2, color=colorLineDown, transp=80)
plot( stop_loss_buy, title="Buy Stop", style=circles, linewidth=2, color=maroon, transp=0)
plot( stop_loss_sell, title="Short Stop", style=circles, linewidth=2, color=maroon, transp=20)
plot( take_profit_buy, title="Buy TP 1:1", style=circles, linewidth=2, color=colorBuyTP, transp=20)
plot( take_profit_sell, title="Short TP 1:1", style=circles, linewidth=2, color=colorSellTP, transp=20)
plot( take_profit2_buy, title="Buy TP2 1:2", style=circles, linewidth=2, color=colorBuyTP2, transp=20)
plot( take_profit2_sell, title="Short TP2 1:2", style=circles, linewidth=2, color=colorSellTP2, transp=20)
fill(bbup, bbdo, color=aqua, transp=80)


I'm confused... you buy when you cross above the river set a stop loose at the red line below the buy point and then take profit (SELL) at the two purple lines above the buy candle
then you sell when the candle crosses below the river...but you have already sold at the take profit lines above the river??????
ho wow
Really nice idea!
Like the idea, nice.
beller LazyBear
Split your monitor in 4 panels, place this system at 15min (first panel), 180min , 240min and Daily... and look... what do you see? ;-)
Thanks, Beller. Two questions: 1. Could you explain your take profit strategy? 2. Have you tried this idea with other instruments (SPY, for example)?

Again, appreciate the great idea.
beller Algyros
basically 3 trade, TP at 1x, TP at 2x, TP based to trailing 80-110% of SL, move SL to breakeven when TP 1x is taked and not more then 200pips of SL x trade, i haven't tried it in another instruments, this strategy need good volatility and movements, maybe in USDJPY.
Looks great!
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