Supertrend MTF Heikin Ashi

This is non-repaiting Supertrend Multi Time Frame script, uses Heikin Ashi Candles as source on normal chart

There is an option for Higher Time Frame. if you choose "Auto" then Higher Time Frame calculation is made by the script. If you choose "User Defined" option and then you can select Time Frame.

You better use this script with other indicators such as RSI , Momentum etc.

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Excellent script, sir. Thanks!
Great script, thank you ! i was wondering if it would be possible to add some %gain check on the HTF in order to help compare different trends.
You can see an example fo this on "trendfrance.com" website. See you !
+1 Responder
@gildaslm, Thanks I will check it
Hello Sir,
kindly add the buy and sell Signals in this script please. and indicator to change to smooth lines.
lonesome you are realy genius. i am looking for this type of indicator from long time . thanks a lot god bless you.
+1 Responder
hi sir it is working on normal candle what time interval chart should i set
+2 Responder
@bhagu9988, time interval depends on you trading strategy, this works on all time frames.
+2 Responder
Sir please explain how to use this script with RSI
+4 Responder
@nageshg429, for example when trend is up then check if rsi is in oversoold area then possible to take long position
+1 Responder
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