ADX-RSI Rainor

This is a strategy based on the RSI and ADX indicators, used together to output an input and output signal from the trade.

Within the parameters we can identify the length and tolerance of each indicator separately, the length is due to the basic parameter in each of the indicators, on the other hand the tolerance is a threshold where it is determined when it is overbought / oversold in RSI and in ADX is the minimum value for the strategy to consider strength in the trend

the entry strategy is when it is above the thresholds in the 2 indicators and the exit with profit is when the force is less than the ADX threshold

As a note on the RSI threshold, it is considered as follows: oversold is from 0 to the threshold and overbought is from 100 to 100-threshold. Therefore if we take the default value (42) the neutral zone is from 42 to 58

I hope you liked it, if so you can support me with some observation or a like
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