Market Makers Move

V1,V2, & V3: New indicator release!! In this fantastic new indicator, you can do the following:
- Specify a particular EMA crossing combination (between a fast and a slow ema line)
- Specify the timeframe (can be independent or based on current chart timeframe, by default)
- Select one of four possible potential profiles (ETFs Only, Crypto, and more!) OR input manually any of 40 possible tickers AND
- Assess whether entry for calls or puts is appropriate based on price action on realtime view between 2 tickers, one which will be the highest (strongest) trend up and the other going the lowest (weakest) trend possible, all at the same time!

This indicator is by no means financial advice!! So by all means, use according to proper assessment and risk management! There are various tooltips instilled to each field and table of the indicator, all to better guide you for better end results!

Cheers! and good luck in you!!
Notas de prensa: V4: Minor adjustment to the percentage format (reduced to tenth decimal from hundredth) and optimized performance.
Notas de prensa: V5: In this hot release, you can opt to select ranks! You can select the top 2, middle two, or the worst 2 at any point in time! ILMN ticker was replaced with PG as a default. Also, minor performance adjustments were done.
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