High Low Yesterday & Last week & Last month

Japanese below. 日本語の説明は下記

This indicator shows high/low price of previous day(yesterday), last week and last month.

Yesterday’s high/low are shown on 4 hour or lower timeframe charts.
Last week’s high/low are shown on Daily or lower timeframe charts.
Last month’s high/low are shown on Weekly or lower timeframe charts.

Each price can be enabled/disabled to show at selection parameters.



前日の高値・安値: 4時間足以下のタイムフレームで表示
先週の高値・安値: 日足以下のタイムフレームで表示
先月の高値・安値: 週足以下のタイムフレームで表示

Notas de prensa: Added today's high & low which can be shown on timeframes lower than daily chart.

Notas de prensa: Added Japanese name.
Notas de prensa: Corrected parameter name.
Notas de prensa: Hi, there
I have updated the script adding two functions:
1. Added labels for each high/low, allowing users to switch showing/not showing labels.
2. Added notification alerts for crossing each high/low. You can set alert same as built-in alerts functions.

Alert condition:
-Crossing over yesterday’s high
-Crossing under yesterday’s low
-Crossing over today’s high
-Crossing under today’s low
-Crossing over last week’s high
-Crossing under last week’s low
-Crossing over last month’s high
-Crossing under last month’s low

1. 各高値・安値にラベルを付与(選択画面で表示・非表示切り替え可)
2. 通知型アラートの設定

Notas de prensa: Minor corrections.
Notas de prensa: Hi all,

I added the option “Number of candlestick to look back” to control the number of candlestick to draw high/low lines.
e.g. if you select 50, then each high/low line will be drawn for 50 bars from the current bar. (See below chart)
If you select 0 , then lines will be drawn for all historical bars.(same as before)


高値・安値のラインを描画する対象のローソク足の数を制御するためのオプション “Number of candlestick to look back”を追加しました。

例 当該オプション項目に50と設定すると、現在のバーから50本遡ったローソク足までラインを描画します。(下記チャートを参照)

Notas de prensa: Added the input "Label position" to adjust the position of labels.
When increasing this number, labels move right.
In the previous version, labels sometimes overlap candlesticks so I fixed this issue.


インプット項目に"Label position"を追加しました。
Notas de prensa: Added last year’s high/low which are also respected as support and resistance.

If you would like to make it look like the chart below, please select circle line from style setting.






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