RaBot V1.0.0 - Backtesting

Rabot is an indicator for new users as well as experienced users.

This indicator tries to predict both buy and sell signals. You can configure it for both scalping and swing trading.

It has two modes, one more "conservative", where the number of entries will be less than the other "greedy" mode.

Based on the famous and complex indicator "Koncorde" that combines both trend and volume knowing the manipulation of strong and weak hands, patterns, and crossing of emas customized by us; for example: a buy signal in conservative mode will only open if the trend is bullish and vice versa.

The user can configure the way they like by opening many positions or few but more secure based on their trading style.
The indicator also has the option to configure which chart we want to obtain the trend from, this is to avoid perhaps opening shorts in a very bullish trend line for example.

Rabot is a fairly complex indicator, which can be used for automatic use of inputs and outputs, as well as manual.
You also have the option of NOT opening a position if there is one currently open, and the option for the next signal to be the opposite of the last one.

5TPs, 1SL, and Breakeven after take profit achieved.

Finally version 1.0.0 is now available! :)

This version contains backtesting with 5000 backbars to see if it is being profitable or not.

We are continuously working, testing and updating bugs and improvements.

Do not hesitate to get in touch for a feedback, it will be welcome and we will take it into account.
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