Crypto-Adjusted Moving Average (CAMA)

UPDATED! This moving average can now be applied to any Crypto-currency and ANY time-frame!
Request use in the comments :)

This moving average is adjusted to give weight to the performance of the 6 largest Cryptocurrencies by market-cap.
This is the Crypto-Index that affects the moving average.

The use of this indicator is to observe divergence between the price of the underlying asset that is the basis of your chart, and the rest of the Crypto-currency market.

If more Crypto-currencies go down while your observed currency goes up, the CAMA will sit lower and a blue pool will become visible showing that that the chart is performing better than the Crypto-Weighted Index listed above. If more Crypto-currencies go up while your observed currency goes down, the CAMA will sit higher and a red cloud will form, showing that the chart is performing worse than the Crypto-weighted Index.

The indicator uses two variables that can be changed:

"MA_Length" = This is the length of the moving average and is set to 50 by default.

"CryptoFactor" = This is the weighting given to the movement of the Crypto-Index. Essentially, this is the factor as to how much the movement of the Crypto-Index effects the weight of the moving average. If you set this at 0, the line will be a simple moving average of the set length without any affect of the Crypto-Index.
By default, the CryptoFactor is set to 0.8.
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