🐮 🆚 🐻 [Backtest]

It's a remake of the previous script but for use in reverse positions at the same time.
In this script the reality could be even better than the Backtest, because, only close the position with profit, so profitability should be 100%, and Longs and Shorts don't mix because they are independent.
In real trade, you need an exchange that allows you to go in reverse positions at the same time or where you can have two independent sub-accounts: one for long and one for short and with margin trading. Although, if TP is small and does not mix with other inverse positions, it's not necessary. (With this script, you can go long and short at the same time and with independent configurations)
Settings for ETH at 5 minutes. (If you find good settings please comment)

Notas de prensa: Stop Loss Added.
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