Ultimate VWAP Bands

- Ultimate VWAP Bands is a script that helps to decide and further clarify areas of oversold and overbought conditions.

- For example, when the price is in the lowest band it is extremely oversold relative to the VWAP . Hence it should be considered a good place to buy with a high risk to reward payoff.

- Each band is set at a fixed offset away from the VWAP . The "VWAP Band Multiplier" adjusts this and is a key part of the script. This allows the indicator to be adjusted based on the assets volatility . For example, with Crypto. A multiplier of 1 would be strongly advised. Whilst a multiplier of 0.1-0.25 would be useful for currency pairs.

- This indicator can be used for all manners of trading. However, it is most effective when used for scalping and swing trading.
Notas de prensa: Added an optional 2nd and 3rd VWAP. Timeframes can be adjusted. By default the 2nd is set to 'D' (Daily), with the 3rd set to 'W' (Weekly)
Notas de prensa: Changed the 2nd and 3rd VWAP's
Notas de prensa: Ability to apply the bands to the 2nd and 3rd VWAP
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Your base vwap value is the same as tradingview vwap but second and third vwaps do not match tradingwiew's daily or weekly vwap. Is there a mistake in your 2nd and 3rd vwap calculation?
@Nofnln, Just updated the script
Nofnln Pinnacle_Investor
@Pinnacle_Investor, Thank you for your time. Now all the vwaps give the same value with tradingview's vwaps (d, w, and m). I do not know the difference but the 2nd and 3rd vwaps in the previous version spot the trend well though they are not matching tradingview's vwap values. Good work!
@Nofnln, They were the vwap values at the open of the daily/weekly candle, hence they were static. Hope this new updates helps
CryptoMeds Pinnacle_Investor
@Pinnacle_Investor, Thank you for your efforts!
Well done, PI!
awesome work!! Thanks a lot
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