Crypto Spot/Futures Dominance Indicator with Alerts

Futures/Spot Dominance Indicator:

The futures/spot dominance indicator is a versatile tool used by traders and analysts to assess the relative strength or dominance of the futures market in relation to the spot (or cash) market for a specific asset. It offers insights into market sentiment, potential arbitrage opportunities, and risk management while incorporating the VWAP indicator for added context.

How It Works:
This indicator automatically detects and adapts to the futures symbol applied to the chart, simplifying the setup for traders. However, it still necessitates manual input of the corresponding spot pair to ensure accuracy.

Automatic Futures Symbol Detection: The indicator starts by automatically detecting the futures symbol on the trading chart, eliminating the need for manual configuration. This ensures that the indicator is applied to the correct futures contract.

Manual Spot Pair Entry: To provide a reliable reference point for the comparison, traders must manually input the corresponding spot symbol via the indicator's inputs. For instance, if the indicator detects the BTCUSDT.P futures symbol, traders would manually enter the BTCUSDT spot symbol.

Gathering Data: The indicator collects historical price data for both the detected futures contract and the manually specified spot symbol. This data includes open, high, low, and close prices, as well as trading volume.

VWAP Calculation: To gain a deeper understanding of price trends and market dynamics, the indicator calculates the VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) for both the futures and spot markets. The VWAP places more weight on prices with higher trading volume, offering a weighted average that reflects market consensus.

Premium/Discount Calculation: By subtracting the VWAP of the spot market from the VWAP of the futures market, the indicator quantifies the premium or discount of the futures price concerning the spot price. A positive value indicates a premium, while a negative value suggests a discount.

Plotting: The premium/discount value is displayed as a line on the chart, often alongside moving averages or other smoothing techniques for improved trend analysis.

Alerts: In addition to its analysis capabilities, this indicator now includes alerts to enhance your trading experience. It alerts you in the following scenarios:
  • Premium Above Average: Notifies you when the premium crosses above the average line.
  • Premium Below Average: Alerts you when the premium crosses below the average line.
  • Premium Above Zero: Provides an alert when the premium crosses above the zero line.
  • Premium Below Zero: Generates an alert when the premium crosses below the zero line.

Benefits of the Futures/Spot Dominance Indicator:

Sentiment Analysis: Traders use the indicator to assess market sentiment. A futures premium might signify bullish sentiment, while a discount could indicate bearish sentiment.

Arbitrage Opportunities: Identifying price discrepancies between futures and spot markets can help traders spot arbitrage opportunities, where they can profit from price differentials.

Risk Management: The indicator assists in evaluating risks associated with futures positions, helping traders manage their exposure effectively.

Trend Confirmation: When used in conjunction with other technical indicators, futures/spot dominance, along with VWAP, can provide additional confirmation of price trends.

Hedging: Investors and corporations use this tool to gauge the effectiveness of hedging strategies based on futures contracts.

Speculative Trading: Traders and investors use the indicator to inform speculative positions, aligning their trades with perceived market strength or weakness.

Insightful Analysis: Futures/spot dominance analysis, enriched by VWAP data, offers insights into market behavior during specific events or changes in economic conditions.

In summary, the futures/spot dominance indicator, with its integration of VWAP and automatic futures symbol detection, provides traders and investors with a comprehensive tool to assess market dynamics. It aids in sentiment analysis, risk management, and trend confirmation while offering potential arbitrage opportunities. The newly added alerts enhance the indicator's functionality, providing timely notifications of key market events. However, it relies on manual input of the corresponding spot pair to ensure precise comparisons between futures and spot markets. It should be used alongside other analysis techniques for a well-rounded view of the market.
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