some ideas for swinging trading using any timeframe, suggested 1h, use the sand and water as an indicator for entry points and the moving average crossing with the price line as a mere suggestion to exit your trade (its far from perfect, but after a lot of trial and error, it seems the next best thing) or decide based on your TA

a Shoutout to TV coders @Some_guy and @rjthegreatxx who gave me a couple great ideas for this and and another script i published today
Notas de prensa: on the previous version i totally forget about alts, so it was practical only with btc, now thanks to @Dysrupt help with the code i can say this is a very user friendly script available for all pairs
Notas de prensa: made some minor changes to the moving averages
Notas de prensa: Made some changes to the MA values
after some months of using it, i recommend to use your own exit strategy and use the exit line to figure out a posible bounce zone, or even as last exit point, if you didnt catch a better one
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Great job as aways