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This script is exclusively for users in Central America Costa Rica and Nicaragua as it does not take any input parameters for the session timing (hours) more than the price explained later here.


1. It paints Tradingview´s background to start differenciating between London session candle sticks and New York session candle sticks, only those two session.
2. Also it paints Tradingview´s background chart to differenciate weekends to make vissually attrative when a new trading week is starting.
3. It also prints a line that will differenciate when London Open candle stick has been printed on chart as well for New York open and the New York Stock Exchange market open.
Also the script will be printing labels for each day of the week, and here you need to make sure to enter the right input, the only input require. It is a price level so the script knows the coordinates to display week days labels, to avoid displaying on the candle sticks, so write as input a price number that is above the candle sticks by far at least 30 pips away.

The script its customizable, so please feel free to customize the colors at your own taste.
You can always hide some of the scripts markups on the chart, by clicking its configuration and checking/unchecking each element, e.g London Open, NYSE Open lines as example, or the labels with the week days names.

Important to know:
For Costa Rica and Nicaragua users, please make sure you have UTC-6 time zone selected for your tradingview's session, hopefully it will work as well for Panama users, but I did not tested.
Any question or bug report, please communicate with gRiZzLyRoCKs via tradingview´s chat.

For Central America users, I will be updating the script for each time zone change affecting London or New York sessions time schedule, depending if it is winter or summer.

Another feature-similar script will be released soon with time input capabilities for the remaining people around each country.
Notas de prensa:
Day of the week label, now it's smaller.
Day of the week label, it now includes only the first letter to distinguish between week days, this improves when printing week's day on chart related to it's size, to consume less space, this makes an effort to make the week day visible as longer as possible.

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