YTC - Swing Highs & Lows v.2.0

This Indicator Plots Swing Highs & Swing Lows based on Lance Beggs of (Your Trading Coach) definition:

A Swing High (SH) is a price bar high preceed by two lower highs (LH) and followed by two lower highs (LH)

In the event of multiple candles forming equal highs, this will still be defined as a swing high, provided that there are two candles with lower highs both preceding and following the multiple candle formation.

Added the verification of all the possible casuistry:
If there are two, three or four bars followed with the same highs or lows and surrounded with tiny bars
Or two or three bars with equal highs or lows alternating with tiny bars.

New parameter to activate repaint (NOT repaints by default)
Notas de prensa: Added alerts for Swing Highs and Swing Lows
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I am using YTC Swing high low indicator during the market.

How can I configure the following thing,

Let say I am having 10 stocks in my watchlist on which I would like to apply above indicator. So, whenever highs or lows are made on any of the 10 stocks from the watchlist on charts, I want an auto pop alert of the same.

Can you help me to configure this?

Thanks and Regards,
Pankaj Bawdane
+2 Responder
jatubio bawdanepankaj
Hello, @bawdanepankaj

I have added two alerts conditions to the script.

Hope this can help you to setup your alerts for your watchlist.

Write me again if you need anything.

You are welcome.
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@jatubio, Ok thanks for your answer. But is this indicator usefull with an automation tool or do you have a script which is more applicable?
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jatubio dpanday
@dpanday, I'm using only to make one analysis of current trend, not for signals.
Hey mate, great work with this indicator. Have you converted this to V4? I tried to convert it to V4, but it seems like sometimes the distance % margin field doesn't work. Any help will be much appreciated.
great script, thanks a lot for sharing it!

I was wondering how you could add to this to use to identify just the swing highs and lows that are forming the market structure. in an upward trend, just the higher highs, and lows, and in the downward the lower lows and highs, and then identify when there is a break.
@jatubio Hi, correct me if i'm wrong but i think the signals appear a couple of bars later. They are placed at very good points but when using an automation tool the price went already down for example when signal is triggered. Do you know what i mean?
jatubio dpanday
Hi @dpanday,

From de Swing High definition: 'A Swing High (SH) is a price bar high preceed by two lower highs (LH) and followed by two lower highs (LH)'

Therefore, we must wait for two bars to pass in order to confirm the signal. And if you want the indicator not to be repainted, you must wait to the close of the second bar.

I hope I have clarified your doubts.
Can this be used for realtime trading?
jatubio dpanday
@dpanday, What do you mean? What do you need?
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