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* Inspired by Krypt's and Madrid's Ribbon
* Supplemental to bullish or bearish trend confirmations with Heikin Ashi candles (e.g. 10/20 MA cross)
* Default of: MA 5-55, 100 and 200
* Ability to switch between Simple vs Exponential MAs

You may switch color gradient by using this tool,

Hope this helps. Please do let me know if you know how to script the wishlist below =)


Wishlist/to do next:

1. Be able to do this color change on counter-trend by implementing this script from Madrid's:

leadMAColor = change(ma05)>=0 and ma05>ma100 ? lime
: change(ma05)<0 and ma05>ma100 ? maroon
: change(ma05)<=0 and ma05<ma100 ? red
: change(ma05)>=0 and ma05<ma100 ? green
: gray
maColor(ma, maRef) =>
change(ma)>=0 and ma05>maRef ? lime
: change(ma)<0 and ma05>maRef ? maroon
: change(ma)<=0 and ma05<maRef ? red
: change(ma)>=0 and ma05<maRef ? green
: gray

2. Add this function from Krypt's to "Drop N candle":

dropn( src , n) =>
na(src) ? na : src
price = dropn( src , dropCandles)

3. Be able to update line thickness of E/MA 10 & 20, as well as their colors.

4. A way to input two HEX colors and automatically update the ribbon lines to have those color gradient.

Notas de prensa: Added some lines from Madrid's Ribbon just as a way to remember what I'd want to implement or get some help implementing.

Looking forward to help if this is easy for you. Much thanks in advance. Cheers!
Notas de prensa: * Added 10-20 MA Cross indicator
* Added Fractals
Notas de prensa: Add separate cross indicators to distinguish a crossover signal to long or short.
Notas de prensa: * Updated line thickness for 50, 100 and 200MAs
* Modified color for 200MA to bold red
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