Leg Out & Indecision

Displays Leg Outs & Indecission Candles.

Parameters can be adjusted:
- Length: the number of candles used for calculating the AVG body.
- Legout Scale: the scale factor of the legout based on the AVG . of previous lenght candles
- Indecission candles: Indecission candles which body are lower than % range of the candle
Notas de prensa: Better annotations for Users
Script de código abierto

Siguiendo el verdadero espíritu de TradingView, el autor de este script lo ha publicado en código abierto, para que los traders puedan entenderlo y verificarlo. ¡Un hurra por el autor! Puede utilizarlo de forma gratuita, aunque si vuelve a utilizar este código en una publicación, debe cumplir con las Normas internas. Puede marcarlo como favorito para usarlo en un gráfico.

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Would it be possible to draw out the zones based on the indecision candles? is this something which you could implement please? many thanks
sergaral apfx18
@apfx18, This is a tough one. I'll give it a look and see if I can implement is somehow.
Hi there how do I see the indecision candles? I only see the legout with this indicator? many thanks
sergaral apfx18
@apfx18, Indecission candles are in a light orange colour, nevertheless you can change it to the colour you wish, even more, you can determine what % of the body candle so it is considered a indecission candle
apfx18 sergaral
@sergaral, Thanks how do I go about changing the colour please? total newbie in terms of using pinescript...much appreciated.
think this is excellent, i assume its the TFS S&D strategy your using it for? would be good it then mapped out potential H4 zones as would allow you to identify them quicker? Great script though!!!
sergaral Timmy78
@Timmy78, you assume correctly, it is for the TFS S&D. Hmm that's a tough one to do, to map out the zones. I was thinking, maybe I could reduce noise by just plotting legouts near a indecision candle.
Good idea
sergaral JasonMandel
@JasonMandel, Thanks! Any suggestions, let me know!
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