CryptoEye Indicator™ v3

Introducing the CryptoEye Indicator™ v3 from the Crypto Eye trading community.

This indicator uses a complex algorithm to spot trends based on a variety of collated data, backtested over 1000s of cryptocurrencies.

CryptoEye Indicator™ v3 is a paid indicator.

To use this indicator, you must have a tradingview account (free), don't have one? Register here:

To see some trade examples, please see the following link:

To gain lifetime access, please follow the steps below ⇩


1: Send $99 in BTC to this BTC address: 12ADsnNRfxpCPEjxMkTBfSmvHH3MFYSkQT

** Use to calculate amount to send
** Ensure that you send the amount + network fee, so that the amount received by us is exactly $99

2: Email your tradingview username to:

3: Within 24 hours, you will have full access to the CryptoEye Indicator™ v3

By purchasing, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions, and that you have read the disclaimer here:


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ricardolk Axsonex
@CryptoEye_, Hello,Alex ,my Telegram id is @Amazingdo,because I can’t send private message to you,so I leave message here ,please access me to use it. Thank you.
Axsonex ricardolk
@ricardolk, done!
ricardolk Axsonex
@CryptoEye_, thank you very much
can i access it bro looks good
+2 Responder
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