RSI Relative Strength Index 3X - Durbtrade

Durbtrade Triple RSI - 3 individual RSI's on 1 indicator, each distinguishable by length, as well as line color, thickness, opacity, and type.
(note: usable line TYPES are limited... try experimenting)

1) RSI's
A) Each RSI can be customized to change color based on RSI vertical direction (default = only RSI #1 changes color).
B) All 3 RSI's use a single Source (default Close).
C) You may customize the length of each RSI individually (I LOVE my default 14, 7, and 3!).
D) RSI #1 is the primary RSI , and is plotted LAST, so that it is drawn ABOVE RSI #2, which is drawn above RSI #3.

2) Horizontal Lines
A) Horizontal lines are also drawn automatically, so you don't have to, and they don't extend past the current bar.
B) There are 11 customizable lines, and each one is set to non-customizable increments (zero, 10, 20, 30, 40 , fifty, 60, 70, 80, 90, hundred).
C) The 11 lines are divided into 2 groups:
a) 4 PAIRS of lines WITH fill options (10/90, 20/80, 30/70, 40 /60... 8 lines total), and
b) 3 INDIVIDUAL lines WITHOUT fill options (zero, fifty, hundred).
D) The 4 fills give you the option to fill the space between each pair with a customizable color and opacity (the default is what I personally feel is best for each).

3) Conclusion
A) As with my previous indicators, this one maximizes information, discernment, clarity, and customization.
B) It is optimized for your ability to be able to customize a relatively basic but important indicator with ease
for use on your own personal television, laptop, or cellular phone screen setup... and on all chart zoom levels and layouts.
B) And, this being my 3rd script, please feel free to comment, critique, or leave suggestions. I find them helpful!
C) Check out my previous pine scripts if you like this one. They work well together.
D) I hope that you find this useful.
E) Enjoy!


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Cool! Nice job! I like the variations with MACD and BBW in source
+1 Responder
@Anzhei, hmmm... revisiting your comment, I'm thinking that perhaps I should remove the limitation, and add the ability to be able to customize the source for each RSI individually.
Anzhei Durbtrade
@Durbtrade, Would be good, it will make it more flexible. For now I use your two scripts on daily BTCUSDT, MACD (12,29,2) and BBW (length 28). And third one which i think complement them well. It's IFish Stoch (14,9). I like the style with one line and two colors. Take a look, maybe you'll find it useful too.
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"zero = rsi1 - rsi1
fifty = zero + 50
hundred = zero + 100"

Doesn't seem right.
What am I missing here?
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