xGhozt Prophecies - A Forecast on the Future

xGhozt Prophecies - A Forecast on the Future, is an indicator based on past statistics and different dates.

The indicator goes back in time and checks all the candles of your selected time frame, and gives you the statistical potential outcome of the next candle. It has been created in order to anticipate potential violent moves from the markets when key dates arrive. On March 12, 2020, Bitcoin dropped by nearly 50% in one single day. Many crypto traders were left with a PTSD that emerged on March 11, 2021, as many anticipated another crash on March 12, 2021. Therefore I created this indicator to show you how a candle behaved in the past, on a certain date.

You can replicate the model on any given time frame, on any asset, and you can even pre-select important dates in the indicator settings box to keep an eye on these dates at any given time.

You can therefore check how an asset behave on Mondays, or on the last day of the month, or how the 1h candle behave on this asset, on a Tuesday. Many combinations are available.

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