Bitcoin Pine Script - Tom Hall Strategy

The Bitcoin script is a combination of crucial indicators that align across multiple timeframes.

How To Apply The Script:
Apply the script to your chart by clicking the ( Add to Favourite Scripts )\u2028

BSO = Buy Stop Order
The BSO symbol will appear once a valid trade opportunity presents itself.\u2028
Once the BSO candle closes it will provide you the parameters for a Buy Stop Order.

Orange Horizontal Line = Buy Stop Order Entry
Green Horizontal Line = Take Profit
Red Horizontal Line = Stop Loss

Key Information:
(1) The BSO is valid for a period of 24 hours, should price not trigger a live position the BSO must be cancelled.
(2) The horizontal lines that track price action are only relevant once a BSO candle has closed.

Alert System:
The alert system allows you to receive SMS / Email notifications in addition to a screen notification providing you information a BSO is required.

How To Apply The Alert System:
(1) Windows Press ( ALT + A ) / MacBook Press ( Option + A )
(2) Adjust the condition section from BTCUSD to Tom Hall Strategy\u2028
(3) Two crucial boxes will appear, The Lowest EMA and Buy Stop Order.
(4) Click create, this will allow you to receive Email / SMS notifications once a valid trade opportunity is available.\u2028

Profitable Edge:
Data From: 31st March 2013
Positions Executed: 76
Profitable Trades: 52
Losing Traders: 24\u2028
Risk / Reward: 1:1
Strike Rate / Profitable Edge: 68.43%

2013: 80% Profitable ( 10 Positions )
2014: 60% Profitable ( 5 Positions )
2015: 75% Profitable ( 16 Positions )
2016: 45% Profitable ( 20 Positions )
2017: 82.61% Profitable ( 23 Positions )

Style / Inputs:
All visible parameters can be adjusted to individual taste and preference.
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please give me access
Hey @TomHall thanks for putting this script out there! I noticed that it is long only, do you have plans to make allow it to take both long and short positions?

kind regards
+1 Responder
@mcbw_, Hi,

We do have the SSO script as well, however we are making some final tweaks before we roll it out.
+1 Responder
@TomHall, Great script - is SSO out?
Can this be used for forex trading as well? Thank you :)
+1 Responder
TomHall sdahiya117
@sdahiya117, Hi,

It can yes, however the profitable edge is not currently the best, we are working behind the scenes on tweaking the script which will be used for FX.
+1 Responder
@TomHall, Thank you mate
+1 Responder
TomHall sdahiya117
@sdahiya117, My pleasure, have a great week.
In addition to Bitcoin the Tom Hall Strategy can be used on XRP.USD
The strike rate available is 85.8% profitable.

Tom, this might be a crazy question because it says on the description "how to install" where am I copying the code from . sorry still learning how to use tradingview
+1 Responder
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