Double BB + Multi Ema Supports 2.0 // by Mochero

Use this indicator to identify the market trend, possible dynamic support or resistance, and possible reversals or corrections.

Take the moving averages (50,75,100,200) as a reference to identify whether the market is bullish or bearish .

Use the Parabolic Sar , to identify minor trends.

Take as reference the Moving Averages (5,9,15,25) as possible support or dynamic resistance.
You can also use a DEMA 9.

This indicator marks past Supports and Resistances to have a reference and mark reversal zones.

Take the BB as a reference, to identify possible setbacks or trend changes.

Added a third BB (optional).

-Added 3 types of signals, with RSI , Stoch , DMI. They indicate possible reversals or changes in trends.

Suggested values
-RSI 4
-Stoch 1 (5,1,1)
-Stoch 2 (14,1,1)
-DMI (10, 3)

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