Coefficient of Variation - EMA and SMA StDev

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Yet another way to try and measure volatility. An alternative to using ATR is Standard Deviation, it can be used to measure volatility or what is also known as risk. SD measures how dispersed or far away the data is from the mean. It's commonly seen in risk management formulas or portfolio diversification formulas. The problem however is that the numbers that ATR and SD give off from one equity might not be relative to others or its own past. For example, SPY can give a large number despite not being as volatile as other equities while others being compared to can have smaller volatility numbers and still be more volatile looking.

A solution I thought of is to use percentages that are relatable to different equities. I found out another name for this idea comes from statistics and is known as coefficient of variation, also known as relative standard deviation. This helps see the volatility as a percentage and not just a number that only relates to what is being seen at the moment. I put in a border line on the zero level to see where zero is at but also to edit in case there is such a thing as a percentage number that can be too high or too low for volatility to be looked at if needed. The average and standard deviation formulas can use either simple moving average or exponential moving average.
Notas de prensa:
COV is a percentage of how far away the price is from the mean. The further away, the more volatile. Expect to gain or lose around that much in somewhat longer term trades in my opinion.
I changed the look to show the numbers as percentages.
Changed it to columns because it might be easier to see. It can be changed to lines or anything else if needed under the settings.
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