BTCUSD-zero to 20K LongerTimeFrame (LTF) -(BTCUSD)

This is a Longer Time Frame Fib level indicator. It shows where the market is looking to go and where it has been. When the market get above one level ( white bar, for example) look for price action to continue to the next level. If it breaks below the white bar look for it to go the next level below for support. I will also publish levels inside these levels for those looking to see them on smaller time frames. You can find them yourself by taking the red level fibs as plug numbers. This makes it fractal in nature. I hope it will impress! It is great for having targets. It helps in knowing why the market may continue in a direction. For example: When the price action has already moved up, why does it keep going up, because it hasn't reached targeted fib level yet. Same reason price action may move lower. It is looking for its fib level support. Find the fractal or/of inner fibs by plugging in two consecutive red level fib numbers as the plug numbers. With two plug number it will work for any instrument at any level. I'm looking for 5400 for support higher on Bitcoin .
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