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Smart money concepts refer to the use of institutional trading strategies which align with the perspectives of Smart Money in the market. i.e. the composite man. Market Structure is the foundation of price action trading, understanding price action is fundamental to SMC.

ArtiumPro SMC 2.1 is an SMC (Smart Money Concepts) indicator full of features to aid SMC traders. Our aim is to save you time with automatic chart mark-up and help you spot areas of interest you may miss with the naked eye.

Fvg (Fair Value Gap) - is also known as an imbalance. An FVG is an imbalance of orders, for instance, for sellers to complete their trades, there must be buyers and vice versa so when a market receives too many of one kind of order buys or sells, and not enough of the order's counterpart. When the amount is not balanced and too many orders are put in for one direction, it creates an imbalance.

Multi timeframe FVG - this will show the same as above but on the higher timeframe you choose. It’ll show as 2 lines that show the higher timeframe fvg with a filled box that mitigates on entry.

Order Blocks - These are supply and demand zones, displayed typically as the last down/up candle before a move in the opposite direction. Great POI’s for entry and take profits.

Outside candle - this is a candle that sweeps the highs and lows of the previous candle, best used for the 1 hour or above these can indicate a change of price direction.

Previous day high & low
Not only does it show your previous day's low and high but it also shows your opening and close of the day. You have settings where you can turn off the open and close and just have daily highs and lows. It’s your choice within your settings.

Market Structure - We have packed this feature with options that are customizable for you,
Break of Structure (BOS) indicates a trend continuation.
Change of Character (CHoCH) indicates the first sign of a possible trend change.
Equal Highs/lows - this will mark your double/triple tops and bottoms.
Retracement - set this to your preferred retracement amount to customize your market structure to what you qualify as a valid pullback.

Elliott Wave ZigZag
Many people ask for the Elliott Waves. Well, here it is, inside this SMC. Just like your pivot highs and lows, the Elliott Wave is showing in real-time so you can see where your previous highs and lows are with the Elliott Wave break of structures that you can use in conjunction with the Smart Money Concepts Indicator of ArtiumPro.

Fib levels - for Premium & Discount areas - in this Instance the fib is used to determine if the price has pulled back into a premium or discount zone for optimal trade entry.

Trading Sessions
One of the most advanced trading session indicators out there and it’s included inside the most advanced SMC indicator on the market today. It has open breakout and settings to filter the opening range along with your pip daily range. You can select what timezone you are in and it automatically adjusts on the chart. Cool right? Hope you enjoy it, happy trading!
Notas de prensa:
Updated MTF FVG Bug - Should work on every TF now
Notas de prensa:
fixed some bugs, changed and added user settings, adjusted colors
Notas de prensa:
MTF FVG default colors changed to differentiate between them and the regular fvg
Notas de prensa:
*Major Update*

Complete revamp and improved logic for main/internal market structure

Order blocks - complete logic improved with extra filters

Setting Removals
-Removed the sessions section - The trading sessions is now a stand alone free indicator
-Removed the higher timeframe and MTF FVGs - The MTF FVGs is now a stand alone addon tool

Minor Updates
-Fib levels for premium and discount zones
-Equal highs and lows new logic
-Previous day high/low open/mid/close - fixed the bug where it was showing 2 days previous rather than previous day
-Updated alerts
-Elliot Waves EW minor settings changes
Notas de prensa:
Update for bug fixes.
The following alerts now fire:
-New Main Highs and Lows
-New Internal Highs and Lows
-New Bullish Fair Value Gap
-New Bearish Fair Value Gap

Bugs Fixed in Equal highs and lows.

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