Trade Manager/Pnl and Risk-Reward Panel (Plug&Play)

Hello traders

The Trade Manager Standalone is finally back and with many more built-in features.


1. No TRIAL is available for that script. Available only with one-time payment on my website.
2. My website URL is in this script signature at the very bottom (you'll have to scroll down a bit and going past the long description) and in my profile status available here: Daveatt
Due to the new scripts publishing house rules, I won't mention the URL here directly. As I value my partnership with TradingView very much, I prefer showing you the way for finding them :)
3. Many video tutorials explaining clearly how all our indicators work are available on your website > guides section.
4. You may also contact me directly for more information

II. 🔎 What is a Trade Manager?🔎

2.1 Concept

Standalone Trade Manager compatible with any indicator.
Once connected, whenever you'll update your Algorithm Builders or your indicator, the Trade Manager Stop-loss, take-profit levels, and analytics get updated automatically. #bold #statement #but #actually #true

2.2 How hard is it to update your indicator?

We'll send to our customers, a comprehensive and easy tutorial, to make any indicator compatible.
I guarantee you, it should take no more than 2 minutes per indicator. We made it easy, fun, and awesome. #bolder #statement

III. The amazing benefits of our🔌&🕹️ (Plug&Play) system

Hope you're ready to be impressed. Because, what I'm about to introduce, is my best-seller feature - and available across many of my indicators.
In TradingView, there is a feature called "Indicator on Indicator" meaning you can use an external indicator as a data source for another indicator.
I'm using that feature to connect any external indicator to our Trade Manager (Plug & Play) - hence the plug and play name. Please don't make it a plug and pray :) it's supposed to help you out, not to stress you even more

Let's assume you want to connect your RSI divergence to your Trade Manager.

I mentioned an RSI divergence but you may connect any oscillator ( MACD , On balance volume , stochastic RSI , True Strenght index , and many more..) or non-oscillator (divergence, trendline break , higher highs/lower lows, candlesticks pattern, price action, harmonic patterns , ...) indicators.
THE SKY IS (or more likely your imagination) is the limit :)

Fear no more. The Plug&Play technology allows you to connect it and use it the backtest calculations.

This is not magic ✨, neither is sorcery, but certainly is way beyond the most awesome thing I've ever developed on TradingView (even across all brokers I know). #bold #statement #level #9000
TradingView is the best trading platform by far and I'm very grateful to offer my indicators on their website.

To connect your external indicator to ours, we're using a native TradingView feature, which is not available for all users.
It depends on your TradingView subscription plan (More info here)
If you intend to use our Algorithm Plug&Play indicator, and/or our Backtest Plug&Play suites, then you must upgrade your TradingView account to enjoy those features.
We value our relationship with our customers seriously, and that's why we're warning you that a compatible TradingView account type is required - at least PRO+ or PREMIUM to add more than 1 Plug&Play indicator per account.

We go in-depth on our website why the Plug&Play is an untapped opportunity for many traders out there - URL available on my profile status and signature

IV. 🧰 Features 🧰

4.1 Stop-Loss Management

For what's following, let's assume that 2 is the stop-loss value you inserted in the indicator, and the Algorithm Builder gives a BUY signal.
This is NOT a recommendation at all, only an example to explain how this feature works.

- %Trailing: The Stop-Loss starts 2% away from the entry price - and will move up (because we're on a BUY trade as per our example) every time your trade will gain 2% profit
- Percentage: The Stop-Loss stays static 2% away from the entry price. There is no trailing here
- TP Trailing: This is a very awesome feature. The stop-loss is set 2% away when the trades start.
When the TP1 is hit, the stop-loss will be moved to the Entry price (also called breakeven).
When the TP2 is hit, the SL is moved to the previous TP1 position
- Fixed: Set the Stop-Loss at a fixed position (value should be in currency/units)

4.2 Take Profits Management

You can manage up to 2 take profit levels defined as a percentage or price value.
The expected input is in percentage value (for instance, setting the % target of TP1 to 2% will set the TP1 level 2% away from the entry price

4.3 Built-in Trade Manager

This is very likely the most loved utility script that we shared on TradingView.
It's included in your Algorithm Builder - Single Trend+, and will certainly help you immensely to analyze your charts and your trades.
We made sure that all the graphical elements on the chart will be updated in real-time whenever our user change anything on the indicator configuration.
You'll also be able to change the Trade Manager labels positions as you wish :)

4.4 Built-in Risk-to-Reward Panel

The good stuff doesn't stop here.
You'll notice that this sometimes green (when in a LONG), sometimes red (when in a SHORT) panel at the right of your chart.
It displays for the selected trading algorithmic (see 2.3.2 above), a ton of useful real-time analytics.

- Entry Price: the price when the Algorithm Builder will give a signal.
- The Trade PnL in percentage.
- Entry Stop Loss: Distance (in currency/units) between the selected stop-loss algorithm (percent, trailing, TP trailing, etc.) and the entry price.
- Entry TP1: Distance (in currency/units) between the entry price and the first take profit
- Entry TP2: Distance (in currency/units) between the entry price and the second take profit
- Risk/Reward TP1: Using the Stop-loss distance at entry, and Take Profit 1 at entry to compute the risk-to-reward ratio.
- Risk/Reward TP2: Using the Stop-loss distance at entry, and Take Profit 2 at entry to compute the risk-to-reward ratio.

For more details, please check the guides section of my website. Links are in my signature and profile status.

4.5 Built-in PnL real-time calculations

YES!!!! you read it correctly
The panel displays the risk-to-reward ratios but also the PnL (Profit and Loss in percentage value) of the current and last trade

V. 🔔 Alerts 🔔

We enabled the alerts on the:
1. Stop-Loss
2. Take Profit 1
3. Take Profit 2

VI. 🤖 Compatible with trading bots? 🤖
I'm very aware of all existing solutions out there allowing us to capture the TradingView alerts (Instabot, ProfitView, ...) and forwarding them to the brokers to automatize your trading.
You'll find a more detailed answer on our website.

If you have any doubt or question, please hit me up directly or ask in the comments section of this script.

I'll never claim I have the best trading methodology or the best indicators.
You only will judge and I'll appreciate all the questions and feedback you're sending my way.
They help me a ton to develop indicators based on all the requests I received.

Kind regards,
Notas de prensa: - Added TP Trailing Mode
- Better trailing stop
Notas de prensa: - Added StopLoss based on Supertrend
Notas de prensa: - Removed a bug
Notas de prensa: - Added TP3 and hard exit options
Notas de prensa: - removed the emojis from the panel as it caused a very annoying display issue
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plz sir allow me to acces this wondefull indicator
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@platinumplus2020, sure please shoot me a DM on tradingview
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