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This indicator consists of a combination of indicators produced by the most valuable developers in the market.

These are: Center of Gravity (COG) and Super Smoothed MACD (SSMACD) shared by @KivancOzbilgic and Center of Linearity (COL) shared by @alexgrover

I produced this indicator by writing new conditions that compare the signals given by these indicators with each other. I re-coded the change in the thickness of the cloud from the COL indicator as the middle horizontal line with varying color intensity and type. I have provided options for switching between these three indicators when desired.

Note: The strongest signals in the indicator are the blue colored triangles. Moderately strong ones are yellow signals. White colored signals are considered as the weakest signals.

Some minor fixes:

Some confusing words were thrown in the alarms section,

Added new alarm codes for any Triple or Double signals.

Major changes have been made with this update.

It is very important to know the direction and strength of the trend in financial markets. Therefore, ADX (Average Directional movement index) was developed by J. Welles Wilder in 1978 as an indicator of the trend strength in the prices of a financial instrument.

Especially in sideways markets, most indicators produce many false signals. However, these signals can be filtered with the ADX indicator. The price is considered sideways when the ADX is less than 20 as the threshold value.

With this update,

ADX filter can be activated when desired, and signals can be filtered flexibly according to the "threshold" value determined by the user. When the ADX filter is active, it will also reflect on the alarm conditions. Therefore, if an alarm is to be set according to the ADX filter, the filter must be activated first.
The colors of the lines and signals have been made changeable.
The visual level and thickness of the COL line has been made adjustable.

With this update, signals can be filtered according to the MavilimW indicator developed by @KivancOzbilgic

Filter Methods:

Normal: If the price is below the BlueW line, "bull" signals are filtered out, and above "bear" signals are filtered out.

Reverse : Applies the opposite of the normal method.

Fixed some visual bugs in switching between indicators.
Notas de prensa:
The Variable Moving Average, (VMA) developed by Tushar S. Chande is a study that uses an Exponential Moving Average being able to automatically adjust its smoothing factor according to the market volatility.

With this update you can add the calculated VMA line from the COG or SSMACD lines. You can also filter signals based on the VMA line.

The filtering methods are:

  • close : the signals are filtered according to the VMA produced from the bar closing values,

  • COG : The signals are filtered according to the VMA generated from the COG data,

  • SSMACD : The signals are filtered according to the VMA produced from the SSMACD data,

  • COG & SSMACD : Filtering is done according to the conditions provided by both COG and SSMACD together.
Notas de prensa:
You can now fine-tune (calibrate) the VMA lines independently for both SSMACD and COG for better results.
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