Dump Alerts


By popular demand: An inverted version of my first indicator Pump Alerts in Pine Script with two alert conditions for trading bots and automated stock trading setups.
It's originally based on "Pump Catcher" by @joepegler

I modified some parts, hopefully improved the usability and enabled alerts, so you can use it to trigger bots like 3commas via webhooks or stock brokers partnering with TradingView.

Dump Alerts 📉 attempts to detect moments of abnormal and accelerating increase in volume concurrent with falling prices AKA "dumps". Small and big dumps.
I recommend trying different timeframes and tinkering with the lookback period as well as both threshold values.
Other than that it's pretty self-explanatory and beginner-friendly.

Free and Open Source. Let me know how you use it!
Notas de prensa: @fauzan428 found a really silly bug in my script. It caused the alerts to fire immediately without a drop in price. The alerts should work properly now.
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