TSM Donchian Moving Average System_by_ucsgears

This is just the raw code for the system / strategies.

Will Complete this when I get more time.

Green - Setup Long
Red - Setup Short
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study("TSM Donchian Moving Average System", overlay = true)

a = input(20, title = "Long Period")
b = input(5, title = "Short Period")
ca = input(1, title = "Band Factor")

// Moving average
malong = sma(close,a)
mashort = sma(close,b)
range = sma(tr, a)*ca
kclupper = malong + range
kcllower = malong - range

kcsupper = mashort + range
kcslower = mashort - range

plot(malong, offset=1, title = "SMA Long")
plot(mashort, offset=1, title = "SMA Short")
plot(kclupper, offset=1, title = "KC Upper")
plot(kcllower, offset=1, title = "KC Lower")

// LONG 
setuplong = close > kclupper[1] and close > kcsupper[1] ? green : na
setupshort = close < kcllower[1] and close < kcslower[1] ? red : na


//exitlong = close < kclupper[1] and close < kcsupper[1] ? blue : na
//exitshort = close > kcllower[1] and close > kcslower[1] ? orange : na

How do you activate the Exit Long section? For some reason the short side of the code doesn't work.
ucsgears mahatango747
@mahatango747, I haven't finished the exit codes. Take a stab at it, if you want to
@ucsgears, This is the best strategy out there, works quite well. Was wondering if you'll finish the code? Lol

New and improved update, with better filters.
+1 Responder
P7 ucsgears
Thank you very much for sharing ucsgears, did you use RSI as filter this time by any chance ?
no. Its just different overlay indicators to serve the same purpose.
Looks good, this system is a steady performer
ucsgears TASAVANT
Thanks for Sharing.
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