Moon Phases + Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly Breaks

█ Moon Phases

From LuxAlgo description.

Trading moon phases has become quite popular among traders, believing that there exists a relationship between moon phases and market movements.
This strategy is based on an estimate of moon phases with the possibility to use different methods to determine long/short positions based on moon phases.

Note that we assume moon phases are perfectly periodic with a cycle of 29.530588853 days (which is not realistically the case), as such there exists a difference between the detected moon phases by the strategy and the ones you would see. This difference becomes less important when using higher timeframes.

█ Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly Breaks

This indicator marks the start of the selected periods with a vertical line that help with identifying cycles.
It allows to enable or disable independently the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly session breaks.

This script is based on LuxAlgo and kaushi / icostan scripts.

Moon Phases Strategy

Year/Quarter/Month/Week/Day breaks

Month/week breaks
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