Auto Harmonic Pattern Recognition & Trading Indicator

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The Auto Harmonic Pattern recognition software is designed to take the heavy lifting out of a traders Harmonic trading strategy. The Software automatically Identifies, Draws, Labels and Projects Completion Zones for the 6 most trade-able Harmonic Patterns. If the Pattern Completes in the projected zone, then there is a high probability of the resulting trade being successful. There are automated Target levels for the resulting trade also.

Harmonic Patterns:




Whether Swing Trading, Intra-day or Day Trading, our Auto Harmonic Pattern recognition software will pick up and project those patterns on any timeframe!

There is a limit of around 50 drawings (depending on server activity) per study in TradingView. This includes all labels and the lines used to draw the patterns themselves. To mitigate this there are options to enable/disable all of the drawings in the study to get more mileage (if we want to try and see the patterns drawn for bars much further back).
Notas de prensa:
V2 of our Auto Harmonic Pattern Recognition & Trading Indicator adds 2 more Fibonacci Target Zones. Also all 5 target zones are now adjustable on the Fibonacci retracement and extension scales.
Notas de prensa:
We have fixed the bug that was stopping the alerts from working properly.

To set alerts, do the following

For expected bullish moves

Condition: (instrument being traded)
Crossing Down
W5T Harmonic ------- Bull PRZ Max

For expected bearish moves

Condition: (instrument being traded)
Crossing Up
W5T Harmonic ------Bear PRZ Min

Please note these will alert you when they will go into the target zone.

However, you will still need to check to see if they complete in the zone or if the candles pass through it
Notas de prensa:
Bug fixes
Notas de prensa:
Following changes to the TradingView platform, some charts would not load and displayed a 'max bars back' error message.
This is now fixed in this version.

To load, all you need to do is remove and re-add to your charts

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